NEJM Group Launches State-of-the-Art Approach to Teach and Assess Clinical Reasoning

NEJM Group, in collaboration with Education Management Solutions (EMS), today launched NEJM Healer — an online learning application to teach and assess clinical reasoning.

NEJM Group debuts this innovative product at a time when undergraduate and graduate medical education programs recognize the need for improved diagnostic skills among trainees but lack a systematic way to address the issue. NEJM Healer provides medical schools, physician assistant programs, and residencies with the tool they need to improve clinical reasoning instruction and is at the vanguard of establishing clinical reasoning as a recognized and tested core competency in medical education.

Delivering a library of virtual patient cases through an innovative interface and providing advanced performance feedback and reporting, NEJM Healer demystifies the clinical reasoning process for both students and educators. “NEJM Healer represents a major advance in the ability to teach, learn, and measure clinical reasoning,” said Jeffrey M. Drazen, M.D., NEJM Group Editor. “It teaches learners how to think like an experienced clinician in a way that is difficult for experts themselves to explain.”

With each case, learners are taught to gather pertinent data thoroughly and efficiently, create iterative problem representations, activate illness scripts, build broad differential diagnoses, and use likelihood ratios to home in on a lead diagnosis. Learners receive instant feedback on the quality of their performance with each virtual patient encounter. They can directly compare themselves to how experts navigate the very same cases and see rationales supporting everything from the final diagnosis to why an individual datum was significant. Educators can use the tool to teach clinical reasoning and assess and remediate their learners’ skills using robust performance data.

“As a student and resident, I had lots of tools available to assess my medical knowledge, but no tools to assess how I thought about a patient,” said Raja-Elie Abdulnour, M.D., Director and Lead Editor of Educational Innovation at NEJM Group. “I felt unprepared when I encountered my first patients. I felt an imperative to create an application that demystifies clinical reasoning and distills the art of medicine into science so we can better teach it, assess it, and ultimately give better care to our patients.”

NEJM Healer offers:

  • An extensive library of data-driven, expert reviewed, patient cases and supporting content educators need, covering core clinical presentations.
  • A rich experience for deliberate practice through virtual patient encounters.
  • The ability for educators to assign cases to support the formal instruction of clinical reasoning.

NEJM Group has engaged EMS to market, sell, and provide customer support for NEJM Healer. “EMS is a leader in simulation-based solutions for health care training environments,” said Kathleen Charlton, Managing Director, NEJM Group Education and Applied Knowledge. “With the need for remote training and assessment heightened by the pandemic, collaborating with EMS on NEJM Healer enables a rapid and effective rollout of this new product to meet the needs of medical education programs.”

NEJM Healer is available now at


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