Reimagine the Way You Teach and Assess Clinical Reasoning Skills

Enter a new era in clinical reasoning education

Today, medical educators are placing increased emphasis on clinical reasoning in their curricula, but they are facing multiple challenges as they seek a way to formalize the teaching and assessment process.

Across the medical education ecosystem, educators are concerned about having sufficient objective and standardized assessments to balance their subjective evaluations. They are struggling with how to teach and assess essential clinical reasoning skills and efficiently give learners the opportunity for deliberate practice.

NEJM Healer addresses these challenges. Based on sound, cognitive and clinical reasoning science and objective assessment, it allows educators to create or augment a clinical reasoning curriculum and assess learner performance.

Use NEJM Healer to Enable Deliberate Practice Across Learner Cohorts

NEJM Healer is a comprehensive clinical reasoning learning engine that can be used throughout all phases of training. It helps learners improve their clinical reasoning skills while allowing educators to objectively measure what matters. Whether your learners are preclinical students preparing for clerkship or preceptorship, in their clinical rotations, transitioning to residency, or later in their residency, NEJM Healer better prepares them for the next stage of learning and patient care.

Benefits for Educators

NEJM Healer gives resource-strapped educators a new way to teach, develop, and assess clinical reasoning, with tools appropriate for programs with a robust clinical reasoning curriculum, as well as those looking to begin one.

NEJM Healer can supplement an educator’s existing clinical reasoning curriculum with engaging teaching materials and an easy way to create and manage assignments.

NEJM Healer is a complete clinical reasoning resource for educators who lack the resources for a curriculum to explicitly teach and assess it.

NEJM Healer provides a structured approach to learning, helping learners develop discrete skills derived from sound, cognitive science.

NEJM Healer speeds learning by providing opportunities for deliberate practice of clinical reasoning.

NEJM Healer eliminates educator bias by providing extensive objective feedback.

NEJM Healer helps educators quickly identify students who are struggling and provides targeted opportunities for remediation and coaching.

NEJM Healer substantially reduces the time and resources required to teach and assess clinical reasoning, freeing educators to focus on other responsibilities.

NEJM Healer: One Platform for a Variety of Educational Use Cases

Educators can use NEJM Healer in a variety of ways to create or augment a curriculum in clinical reasoning:

  • Deliberate practice and focused repetition
  • Practice and assessment for clinical skills courses
  • Initial translation of basic science into practice during preclinical training
  • Transition to clinical work, residency, and practice
  • Asynchronous learning – assign cases singly or in batches
  • Flipped classroom and innovative tool for didactic sessions
  • Post-case debriefs
  • Illness script and diagnostic schema familiarity
  • Formative and summative feedback and assessment
  • Point-in-time assessment (start/finish of clerkships/rotations)
  • Remediation
  • Regular part of multi-year curriculum

Put NEJM Healer to Work for Your Program

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Medical Schools

Give preclinical learners confidence in gathering information, making broad differential diagnoses, and narrowing diagnostic uncertainty. Help clinical learners finetune their skills and evaluate and prepare them during transition to residency.

Graduate Training Programs

Establish a baseline for incoming residents and identify those who would benefit from lower-patient-touch, initial rotations. Remediate struggling residents to help them absorb the cognitive skills they need to make accurate diagnoses. Support mastery of clinical reasoning and ability to demonstrate and instill these skills in interns.

Physician Assistant Programs

Use in both didactic and clinical years to obtain a formative assessment of PA students, supplement lecture-based instruction and multiple-choice question exams, and identify students who need remediation.

Helping Educators Meet Learner Needs

The NEJM Healer Assignment Center, designed exclusively for educators, provides rich reporting that allows for consistent, objective feedback over a wide range of cases, helps educators tailor their teaching and identify learners who need remediation, and provides conversation-starters for coaching.

In addition to detailing progress and performance against assigned learning, NEJM Healer shows progress and performance against practice cases used for asynchronous learning.


Assigning cases in NEJM Healer is easy!

The case library in the educator portal provides all the info educators need about each case, including the lead diagnosis and key teaching points and they can search and filter cases according to:

  • Presentation (e.g., headache)
  • Acuity (acute vs. chronic)
  • Patient age
  • Organ system involved

Learner Performance and Progress Reporting

NEJM Healer provides reporting on both learners’ performance and progress to help educators track individual learners and cohorts at each stage of a case and for the case as a whole.

These reporting data present educators with powerful insights into learners’ clinical reasoning profile according to both objective and self-assessed measures.

Objective Measurements:
  • Lead diagnosis accuracy
  • Differential diagnostic accuracy
  • Illness script concordance
Learner Self-Assessments:
  • Problem representation concordance
  • Management plan concordance
  • Degree of concern for the patient’s status
  • Degree of certainty with the diagnosis

Benefits for Learners

With NEJM Healer, learners develop and refine their clinical reasoning skills through deliberate practice. Working through virtual cases presented in a realistic and engaging manner, learners gather data to inform their differential diagnosis, learning to discriminate which pieces of data are important. At each step in this deliberate practice, learners:

Have access to gold-standard content from NEJM Group, the world’s most trusted source for medical research and education.

Deepen their clinical knowledge of key presentations and diseases.

Gain an understanding of the diagnostic schemas that drive turning points in their differential.

Create their own data-driven illness scripts with likelihood ratios and compare these with exhaustive expert scripts.

Reflect on their performance to develop self-awareness around their diagnostic strengths and weaknesses.

Learn how to build problem representations, differentials, and management plans and compare theirs with experts, with detailed rationales provided.

Receive the equivalent of hours’ worth of feedback from experts.

Practice clinical reasoning across multiple clinical scenarios until they master how it applies generally.

Improve their confidence and be empowered to face the next stage in their career.

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NEJM Healer Supports the Full Cycle of Clinical Reasoning Development

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Top Institutions Around the Globe Trust NEJM Healer

What makes NEJM Healer innovative is its approach to tap into the science of clinical problem solving (reasoning) through the use of illness scripts and by prompting users to consider how data contributes to the final diagnosis in clinical cases. This product can be of tremendous value to students as they prepare for real patient encounters.
Anthony A. Miller, M.Ed., PA-C (Emeritus) Distinguished Professor Division of Physician Assistant Studies
Shenandoah University
As an educator, the most exciting aspect of NEJM Healer for an educator is the objective data! Historically, clinical reasoning is assessed by an educator's gestalt... does the student "get it" or not? NEJM Healer breaks down the clinical reasoning process into well-defined steps that can be easily measured to help determine the strengths or deficits in the clinical reasoning process. This creates an incredible potential for remediating students with clinical reasoning difficulties.
Nicholas Duca, MD Assistant Professor of Medicine Clerkship Director for Internal Medicine
Penn State College of Medicine
Dozens of virtual patient encounters
Expert problem representations, management plans, differential diagnoses, and rationales to help guide learners
Hundreds of diseases to consider
An overview of clinical reasoning and a glossary of key terms
100+ expert illness scripts to provide and support students’ clinical knowledge
Detailed assessment of clinical reasoning skills

Experience NEJM Healer

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